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Sympa lets you use an external antivirus solution to check incoming mails. In this case you must set the antivirus_path and antivirus_args configuration parameters (see Antivirus_plug-in. Sympa is already compatible with McAfee/uvscan, Fsecure/fsav, Sophos, AVP, Trend Micro/VirusWall and Clam Antivirus. For each email received, Sympa extracts its MIME parts in the /home/sympa/spool/tmp/antivirus directory and then calls the antivirus software to check them. When a virus is detected, Sympa looks for the virus name in the virus scanner STDOUT and sends a your_infected_msg.tt2 warning to the sender of the email. The dmail is saved as 'bad' and the working directory is deleted (except if Sympa is running in debug mode).

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