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  • References to PO catalogues are noted with the [% loc %] tag that may include parameters. Example:
    [%|loc(,]Welcome to list %1 %2[%END%]
  • Apart from a few exceptions, for security reasons templates cannot insert or parse a file given its full or relative path. Only the file name should be provided; the TT2 parser will then use the INCLUDE_PATH provided by Sympa to find the relevant file to insert/parse.
  • The qencode filter should be used if a template includes SMTP header fields that should be Q-encoded. Example:
    [% FILTER qencode %]Message à modérer[%END%]
  • You can write different versions of a template file in different languages, each of them being located in a subdirectory of the tt2 directory. Example: /mail_tt2/fr_FR/helpfile.tt2.
  • Your templates can include custom parameters.
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