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Sympa, Mailing List Management Software - Reference manual

Software version: 6.2

Authors: David Verdin, Étienne Méléard, Soji Ikeda

Other versions of the documentation

You can browse older versions of the Sympa manual. Until release 5.2 the documentation source used latex format, both HTML and PDF versions were included with the Sympa tar.gz files. Starting with release 5.3, the manual is centrally maintained in the Sympa wiki ; we generate a PDF export of the manual for each major version. You can browse the manual for older versions below :

Sympa version reference manual
development html
6.2 html
6.1 html
6.0 html
5.4 pdf
5.3 pdf
5.2.3 pdf
older versions get the documentation from the release tar.gz

Table of Contents

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