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Sponsoring plugin

Sponsoring: plugin to allow subscription to list A (called sponsored list) by subscribers of list B (called sponsor list).

Install instructions

To enable the functionnality

  • untar sponsoring.tgz to the bin/Sympa/Template/Plugin directory
  • copy the files from the mail_tt2 sub-directory to the relevant mail_tt2 directory (either in etc, etc/[vhost] or in list directory).
  • copy the content of custom_actions subdirectory in the custom_actions subdirectory of each list that will be sponsored.
  • copy Sponsoring/Commons.conf.example into Sponsoring/Commons.conf and edit this file. It contains a set of “godfathered_list paragraphs. Below is a description of the godfathred_list sub-parameters:
    • listname (mandatory): local part of the list name
    • host (mandatory): name of the vhost under which the list is hosted.
    • expiration_period (mandatory): number of days to wait between the suppression of a sponsor and the unsubscription of her godsons.
    • sponsor_lists (mandatory): a comma-separated list of the email addresses of the lists whose subscribers are allowed to subscribe people to the sponsored list.
    • max_godson_nb (mandatory): maximum number of godson a sponsor can have in the sponored list.
    • exclusive_sponsoring (optional): if set to 1, godsons will be removed from the list of godsons by the script if they becom subscribers of one of the sponsor lists.
  • create a read only user in the Sympa database.

For each sponsored list

  • create a datasource paragraph in the config file:
db_name [db name]
db_type [your db type]
user [sympa read only user name]
passwd [sympa read only password]
name Sponsoring
sql_query select plugin_godsons_godson from plugin_godsons where plugin_godsons_list = '[the list name]'
host [your db host name]
  • Add a paragraph in Sponsoring/ to describe the sponsoring.
  • create web_tt2/additional_list_menu_links.tt2. It must contain the following:
<!-- start additionnal_list_menu_links.tt2 -->

[% IF action == 'lca' %][% SET class = 'active' %][% ELSE %][% SET class = '' %][% END %]
<li class="[% class %]"><a href="[% path_cgi %]/lca/sponsoring/[% list %]" >[%|loc%]Sponsoring[%END%]</a></li>

<!-- end additionnal_list_menu_links.tt2 -->

All set!

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