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 JS           ​JavaScript JS           ​JavaScript
 KISS         Keep it simple stupid KISS         Keep it simple stupid
-LDAP         ​Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 
 LGPL         GNU Lesser General Public License LGPL         GNU Lesser General Public License
 LOL          Laughing out loud LOL          Laughing out loud
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 QoS          Quality of Service QoS          Quality of Service
 RAID         ​Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks RAID         ​Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
-RDBMS        Relational DataBase Management System 
 RDF          Resource Description Framework RDF          Resource Description Framework
 ROTFL        Rolling on the floor laughing ROTFL        Rolling on the floor laughing
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 SMTP         ​Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP         ​Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
 SOAP         ​Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP         ​Simple Object Access Protocol
 spec         ​specification spec         ​specification
 SQL          Structured Query Language SQL          Structured Query Language
 SSH          Secure Shell SSH          Secure Shell
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 TLD          Top Level Domain TLD          Top Level Domain
 TOC          Table of Contents TOC          Table of Contents
-TTL          Time to Live 
 URI          Uniform Resource Identifier URI          Uniform Resource Identifier
 URL          Uniform Resource Locator URL          Uniform Resource Locator
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 XUL          XML User Interface Language XUL          XML User Interface Language
 YMMV         Your mileage may vary YMMV         Your mileage may vary
-Sympa        SYstème de Multi-Postage Automatique (a mailing list server)+
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