List vacation message

Using a CustomCondition it is possible (at least as of Sympa 6.2.9) to automatically send a vacation message when in a date range.

The custom condition (put it under <sympa>/etc/custom\_conditions/ or <sympa>/etc/<robot>/custom\_conditions/) :
package CustomCondition::vacation;
use strict;
use English qw(-no_match_vars);
use MIME::EncWords;
use Sympa::Log;
use Sympa::List;
use Exporter;
our @EXPORT_OK = qw(verify);
my $log = Sympa::Log->instance;
sub verify {
    eval { require DateTime::Format::DateParse; };
    if ($EVAL_ERROR) {
            'Error requiring DateTime::Format::DateParse : %s (%s)',
        return 1;
    # Get parameters
    my $list_address = shift;
    my $vacation_start = shift;
    my $vacation_end = shift;
    my $sender = shift;
    my $subject = shift;
    $subject = shift @$subject if ref $subject eq 'ARRAY';
    $subject = MIME::EncWords::decode_mimewords($subject);
    # Parse dates
    my $dt_start = DateTime::Format::DateParse->parse_datetime($vacation_start);
    my $dt_end   = DateTime::Format::DateParse->parse_datetime($vacation_end);
    unless($dt_start) {
            'Unable to parse date "%s"',
        return 1;
    unless($dt_end) {
            'Unable to parse date "%s"',
        return 1;
    $vacation_start = $dt_start->epoch();
    $vacation_end   = $dt_end->epoch();
    # Check time range, return if not vacation
    return 1 unless time >= $vacation_start and time <= $vacation_end;
    # We are in vacation range, notify sender
    # Retreive List object
    my ($list_name, $robot) = split(/@/, $list_address);
    my $list = Sympa::List->new($list_name, $robot);
    # Send notification
    my $tpl = 'vacation';
    unless (
                'auto_submitted' => 'auto-replied',
                'vacation_start' => $vacation_start,
                'vacation_end' => $vacation_end,
                'subject' => $subject
    ) {
            'Unable to send template "%s" to %s',
    return 1;
# Packages must return true

The response template (put it under <sympa>/etc/mail\_tt2/, <sympa>/etc/<robot>/mail\_tt2/ or <sympa>/list\_data/<list>/mail\_tt2/) :

To: [% to %]
Subject: List [% %] vacation
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
[%- USE date -%]
Your message "[% subject %]" has been sent to the [% %] list.
We are on vacation from [% date.format(vacation_start, '%D') %] to [% date.format(vacation_end, '%D') %] ...

Now add the folowing line BEFORE the first line having a do\_it action in your list's send scenario :

CustomCondition::vacation([list->address],vacation_start_date,vacation_end_date,[sender],[msg_header->Subject]) smtp,smime,md5,dkim -> do_it

Example :

CustomCondition::vacation([list->address],"2015-12-15","2015-12-20",[sender],[msg_header->Subject]) smtp,smime,md5,dkim -> do_it

You can even use some list's custom vars :

CustomCondition::vacation([list->address],[custom_vars->vacation_start],[custom_vars->vacation_end],[sender],[msg_header->Subject]) smtp,smime,md5,dkim -> do_it

As the CustomCondition skips undefined/unparsable dates this allows you to let the list owner define his vacation date range without modifying the scenario so you can lock the scenario but still let owners specify a vacation when needed !

Here is the trick, the do\_it at the end of this rule doesn't matter as the custom condition will never say it matched, this allows to use a custom condition as some kind of “message listener” !

You can easily tweak the vacation message on a per list basis if needed.

You can also specify several vacation date ranges, just add as much versions of the rule as needed !

Dates given in the scenario are parsed using the DateTime::Format::DateParse module, compatible date formats can be found on the Date::Parse module documentation.

When rendering dates in the vacation message template one should use TT2's Date plugin (see sample message above), format specifier follows POSIX's strftime format.

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