Here are the current orientations and deadlines for Sympa.

6.2 is currently in production on the RENATER servers.

Beta is over and stable release will occur once the internationalization is finished.

Sympa 7.0 will be the result of a code reorganization.

This code reorganization will lead to a recentering of Sympa as a Middleware. All functionnalities will be available through all interfaces:

  • command line interface
  • mail interface
  • web interface
  • SOAP interface
  • REST interface

In additions, some RFC will be implemented:

Work on the code is already started and will be over by 3rd quarter of 2016. Relelase is scheduled in February 2016.

Sympa 7.1 will introduce several features:

  • SaaS capabilities
  • Configuration homogeneization

And more. Beta is planned in October 2016. Stable release is scheduled in February 2017.

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