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 ===== Sympa 6.2 ===== ===== Sympa 6.2 =====
-All in all, Sympa 6.2 is close to be readyWe still have to:+6.2 is currently in production on the RENATER servers.
-  * get rid of the "full spools in database"​ paradigm (it really doesn'​t scale), +Beta is over and stable release will occur once the internationalization is finished.
-  * get rid of some memory leaks.+
-and it will be over.+===== Sympa 7.0 =====
-  * Works on the code are to be finished by mid-april 2013 +Sympa 7.0 will be the result ​of a code reorganization.
-  * Beta release is planned for beginning ​of may 2013+
-===== Sympa 6.3 =====+This code reorganization will lead to a recentering of Sympa as a MiddlewareAll functionnalities will be available through all interfaces:
-Sympa 6.3 will be the result of a code reorganization. It should not add new functionnalities (or only side benefits from the code reorganization and refactoring).+  * command line interface 
 +  * mail interface 
 +  * web interface 
 +  * SOAP interface 
 +  * REST interface
-Work on the code is already started and will be over by the end of Summer 2013. Beta should start in September 2013.+In additions, some RFC will be implemented: ​
-===== Sympa 7.=====+  * [[https://​tools.ietf.org/​html/​rfc6729|RFC 6729]] implementation 
 +  * [[https://​tools.ietf.org/​html/​rfc6783RFC 6783]] implementation 
 +Work on the code is already started and will be over by 3rd quarter of 2016. Relelase is scheduled in February 2016. 
 +===== Sympa 7.=====
-Sympa 7.will introduce several features:+Sympa 7.will introduce several features:
   * SaaS capabilities   * SaaS capabilities
   * Configuration homogeneization   * Configuration homogeneization
-  * RFC 6729 implementation 
-And more...+And more. Beta is planned in October 2016Stable release is scheduled in February 2017.
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