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Here are the current orientations and deadlines for Sympa.

All in all, Sympa 6.2 is close to be ready. We still have to:

  • get rid of the “full spools in database” paradigm (it really doesn't scale),
  • get rid of some memory leaks.

and it will be over.

  • Works on the code are to be finished by mid-april 2013
  • Beta release is planned for beginning of may 2013

Sympa 6.3 will be the result of a code reorganization. It should not add new functionnalities (or only side benefits from the code reorganization and refactoring).

Work on the code is already started and will be over by the end of Summer 2013. Beta should start in September 2013.

Sympa 7.0 will introduce several features:

  • SaaS capabilities
  • Configuration homogeneization
  • RFC 6729 implementation

And more…

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