How can I change my robot name?

Once in a while, you can feel the need to change your robot name. First, stop Sympa.

In any case, you first need to create a virtual host corresponding to your new robot name.

Then, you will have to migrate existing list on this new robot.

You will then have to modify or move the following:

  • lists' archives,
  • lists' spools,
  • the database.

These operations can be done following two different steps.

Once your new robot is created, you can rename (one by one) any list you own. This can be done by using the renaming page in the web interface, following this path in the menu:

Admin → Rename list

In this very simple interface, retype the current list's name in the “New list name:” field then select the new robot name in the drop-down menu.

Confirm changes by clicking the “Rename the list” button.

That's it. All the list's archives, spools and database entries are moved/renamed as necessary in the process.

Go on to the next list, and so on until you renamed all your lists. Keep on trucking. ;-)

You can choose to make these modifications using which can be a good option if you have a very large number of lists to move.

Note that --rename_list was introduced in Sympa 6.1. </code> –rename_list=listname\@robot –new_listname=newlistname –new_listrobot=newrobot </code>

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