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Supported OS ?

Sympa can run on any unix operating system including linux, solaris, mac-os, free-bsd, ... Prerequisite are described in detail in Sympa reference manual.

Why is the latest version not available as binary package ?

Sympa authors do not themselves produce binary packages for any system (.rpm, .deb). The packages you can find from are contributions, as there is always some delay before a version is available as binary package.

Should I install a package or use the tar.gz source distrib ?

Sympa installation is known as long job. In fact this not really true : the installation itself is simple (./configure; make; make install) but there is a lot of configuration work in order to plug Sympa in with other services : Perl, RDBMS, syslog, sendmail, Apache, ... Later upgrade processes are really fast and simple because all those items running don't need to be modified. As a conclusion: what ever you are using, a binary package or a source distrib, installation requires good experience with your operating system, but the advantage of using the source distribution is that you get to use the latest Sympa version.

what's the first step for installation ?

Check which is included in the distribution.

Error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PO_SUBDIRS

This error message happens during the autoconf run if you don't have the required gettext-devel package (sometimes named gettext-dvl) installed on your system.

You should install the required package to complete the Sympa installation process :

  • on a RedHat system:
    yum install gettext-devel
  • on a Debian system:
    apt-get install gettext

Error: cannot find install-sh or

This error message shows while running configure.

To fix the problem, you should re-run the automake command with the –add-missing option

automake --add-missing
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