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All messages are lost

When I install sympa, it looks well, and goes correctly on. But it does absolutely nothing : with -d option, I just see Reaper unwaited pids : Open = 0 ad infinitum and no messages adressed to sympa seems to come in. The messages are not even in the spool/msg directory.

Solution : verify the setuid bit on program queue :

rwsr-xr-x   1 sympa    sympa      40012 juin 30 15:44 queue

Explanation : you probably (and prudently) compile and install sympa as a normal user (sympa perhaps ? ), but user root is the only one authorized to modify setuid bit. You may compile with a normal account, but don't forget to modify manually the setuid bit on $sympa/bin/queue

Note about the Sendmail "smrsh" feature

Remember that if your implementation uses the smrsh facility, the setuid executables such as queue and bouncequeue will be in the special smrsh directory (often /etc/smrsh). You will need to apply the setuid bit to the files in this directory and not the files with the same name in /home/sympa/bin. See man smrsh for more info.

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