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Sympa and Dokuwiki farm integration for Virtual Organizations

...In a nutshell

A virtual organization is a geographically distributed group of people.
They need to:

  • Broadcast information to all the members of the organization
  • Share and collaboratively conceive reference documents

The system allows to provide these two functionnalities based on:

  • a single sign on (Shibboleth)
  • a single group manager (Sympa)

Authentication and access control

Both Dokuwiki and Sympa use Shibboleth authenticate system. Users authenticate at their home institution.
Access rights in Dokuwiki are based on membership of groups defined in Sympa: the lists subscribers and owners.

Automatic wiki creation in Sympa list interface

Dokuwiki is used in farm mode: one installation allows to create multiple wiki instances.
Each list owner can create a wiki associated to his/her list by a single click.

References and documents

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