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Upgrading to latest version of Sympa

Updated instruction is found at:

Upgrading from earlier Sympa 6.2.x

After release of 6.2, several changes on templates are made. Especially, on 6.2.18, web templates for shared document repository and list configuration edit form broke backward compatibility in exchange for bug fixes.

If you have customized templates with earlier version, you should check if web interface will work crrectly after upgrading, and reapply customization to new templates as necessity.

Upgrading from Sympa 6.1.x or earlier

Several changes in Sympa 6.2 require to perform specific operations when upgrading. Here is the ordered list of operations to perform.

The changes are the following:

  • sympa.conf and wwsympa.conf are merged. wwsympa.conf is no longer used,
  • sympa.conf is now located in a sympa/ sub-directory,
  • bulk spool is moved from database to file system,
  • formalism for storing messages sent from the web interface has changed
  • custom actions must now be located in a dedicated custom_actions/ directory,
  • Sympa skin was changed.
  • init script is changed, becausee some Sympa daemons have been renamed. Check your configure optins to make sure the init script ends up in the correct location for your operating system.

Here is the list of commands to run: --check # Update CPAN dependencies --upgrade_config_location # move existing configs to /etc/sympa/ directory --upgrade # merge sympa.conf and wwsyamp.conf # move messages stored in database to filesystem # move messages sent through web interface to the new formalism.

* For all your custom action templates, move them to etc/custom_actions directory.

  • After the upgrade, the following changes will have occured:
    • sympa.conf will have need copied to sympa.conf.upgrade.<dd>.<Month>.<yyyy>-<hh>.<mm>.<ss> The sympa.conf remaining will have been stripped of any 'color_' parameters, to prevent you from having a messed up web interface * any robot.conf will have had the same treatment as sympa.conf (copy, then stripped of color_ parameters).
    • any customized “web_tt2” directory (either in etc/ or in etc/<robot>/) will have been renamed “web_tt2.upgrade.<dd>.<Month>.<yyyy>-<hh>.<mm>.<ss>”. Indeed, as most of the Sympa templates have been changed for the new skin, your customizations could not be compliant to the new web interface. You should see how to reintroduce them to the new templates.
    • Finally, as some Sympa binaries have been renamed, your sympa init script will have been updated. Please make sure your configure options have been correctly set, so that this script ends up in the correct location.

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