Upgrading from V5 to V6 versions

Fast howto upgrade from version 5 to version 6.

You may start installing a v6 from scratch in a separate location in order to test that all pre-requisite are satisfied (mainly CPAN modules). That can done from tar.gz using the followind script :


if [ $# -ne 1 ] ; then
   echo "missing destination directory"
   exit 1

name=`basename $1`

aclocal ; autoconf; automake --add-missing;

./configure --prefix=$1 \
            --with-confdir=$1/etc \
        --with-mandir=$1/man \
            --with-initdir=/etc/init.d \
        --with-lockdir=$1/lock \
        --with-sendmail_aliases=/etc/mail/aliases-$name \

Then run make, make install . All component are installed in a separate dir including sympa.conf . Edit it and configure Sympa with a database different from the database you are using with current sympa running version.

Run sympa.pl –test_database_message_buffer in order to verify that big files can be stored in your database. see section about database tunning.

Ones this is OK, upgade is easy :

  • prepare the sympa V6 for the standard location :
    • aclocal ; autoconf; automake –add-missing; ./configure ; make ;
  • sympa stop; http stop
  • save your database content
  • make install;
  • upgrade database stucture :
    • sympa.pl –upgrade ;
    • sympa.pl –md5_encode_password ;
  • upgrade sympa starting script because of a new deamon to start bulk.pl
  • sympa start; http start


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