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Virtual hosting issues

Some SMTP header fields refer to the server's FQDN instead of the virtual domain

You should check the distributed messages header fields and find out if X-Loop, Reply-To, Erros-to header fields refer to the right email address. If not, you problably have a DNS misconfiguration or your mail server (sendmail, postfix) is incorrectly configured regarding masquerading. Check the MASQUERADE_AS and MASQUERADE_DOMAIN sendmail features.

Multiple Sympa virtual hosts within a single Apache host

You may want to host all your Sympa virtual host web interfaces (,, ...) on a single web host. Sympa allows to do so via the http_host robot.conf configuration parameter (see the related documentation). The http_host parameter is used by Sympa to determine which Sympa virtual host is contacted ; this parameter can include an optional path.

Example : http_host
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