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-====== How to contribute to Sympa ? ======+====== ​× How to contribute to Sympa ? ======
-Provide new perl code for new feature in Sympa is not the only way to contribute to Sympa project. The following contribution can also be very usefull for the project : +<​note>​ 
- +Updated ​documentation is found at 
-  * participate to the cooperative support to Sympa users in on of the mailing list  +  * [[https://​github.com/​sympa-community/​sympa/​blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md|Page in GitHub project site]].
-  * let known sympa-authors you are using Sympa giving some feedback about your usage and your needs in the future +
-  * describe bugs with enough details using bug tracker +
-  * early test of new sympa version (alpha, beta and release candidate) +
-  * contribute to some of the translation : see [[http://​translate.sympa.org|Translate Sympa]] +
-  * make the web interface more pretty changing the tt2 templates (why not propose a new skin ?) +
-  * contribute to the documentation ​or to this web site. +
-  * Get involved in the development. The first step is to subscribe to the [[https://​listes.renater.fr/​sympa/​info/​sympa-developpers|developers mailing lists]]. +
-  * [[https://​github.com/​sympa-community/​|The Sympa community on GitHub]]. +
- +
-====== How to edit Sympa web site ? ====== +
- +
-Most part of the web site can be modified using the dokuwiki feature. Authorization is mostly open to any subscriber of one of sympa-xxx@listes.renater.fr mailing lists. You just need to login to the wiki engine using your email adress and the same password you are using when you log to [[http://listes.renater.fr/sympa]]  +
- +
-Ones you are authenticated,​ browse the page you want to change and use the link "Edit this page" +
- +
-You can <!-- contrib to the [[faq]], the [[contribs]] but you are also --> welcome to fix the [[manual|reference manual]]<!-- or any other part of the site -->+
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