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How to contribute to Sympa ?

Provide new perl code for new feature in Sympa is not the only way to contribute to Sympa project. The following contribution can also be very usefull for the project :

  • participate to the cooperative support to Sympa users in on of the mailing list
  • let known sympa-authors you are using Sympa giving some feedback about your usage and your needs in the future
  • describe bugs with enough details using bug tracker
  • early test of new sympa version (alpha, beta and release candidat)
  • contribute to some of the translation : see
  • make the web interface more pretty changing the tt2 templates (why not propose a new sking ?)
  • contribute to the documentation or to this web site.

How to edit Sympa web site ?

Most part of the web site can be modified using the dokuwiki feature. Authorization is mostly oopen to any subscriber of one of mailing lists. You just need to login to the wiki engine using your email adress and the same password you are using when you log to

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