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In this chapter, we will provide extensive information on what Sympa looks like “under the hood”. We hope this documentation will be particularly helpful to developers.

See the dedicated page that describe each table of Sympa database.

This section is obsoleted. See the manual page %Sympa::Internals(3)% included in Sympa distribution.

This chapter describes these modules (or a part of them):

A graph of subrouroutines for messages process

This section presents all the files used in the Sympa engine. The files described are those contained in the sources, consequently:

  1. you will not find the files generated at compilation time,
  2. the files are not located in the same directory as you will find them in the compiled application.

Failing a better alternative, we present them as they appear in the src directory from the source distribution.

''./'' : Sympas sources root directory

These scripts are run at installation time. They perform the operations necessary to the correct install and runtime of Sympa.

  • : This script checks installed and required Perl modules. It also does the required installations.
  • : This script prints important changes in Sympa since last install. It is based on the NEWS ***** entries.
  • : This script sets symbolic links at installation time.
  • : This script replaces --VAR-- occurences at installation time.








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