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This module provides objects to encapsulate file message in order to prevent it from its alteration for using signatures.


Creates an object Message and initialize it:

  • msg: ref(MIME::Entity)
  • altered if the message is altered
  • filename: the file containing the message
  • size: the message size
  • sender: the first email address, in the 'From' field
  • decoded_subject: the 'Subject' field decoded by MIME::Words::decode_mimewords
  • subject_charset: the charset used to encode the 'Subject' field
  • rcpt: the 'X-Sympa-To' field
  • list: ref(List) if it is a message no addressed to Sympa or a listmaster
  • topic: the 'X-Sympa-Topic' field.
  • in a 'openssl' context - decrypt message:
    • smime_crypted: 'smime_crypted' if it is in a 'openssl' context
    • orig_msg: ref(MIME::Entity) - crypted message
    • msg: ref(MIME::Entity) - decrypted message (see tools::smime_decrypt())
    • msg_as_string: string - decrypted message (see tools::smime_decrypt())
  • in a 'openssl' context - check signature:
    • protected: 1 if the message should not be altered
    • smime_signed: 1 if the message is signed
    • smime_subject: ref(HASH)if the message is signed - information on the signer see tools::smime_parse_cert().


  1. pkg(+): Message
  2. file(+): the message file

OUT: ref(Message) undef


Dump the message object in the file descriptor $output


  1. self(+): ref(Message)
  2. output(+): file descriptor

OUT: '1'


Adds the message topic in the Message object (topic' and adds the 'X-Sympa-Topic' field in the ref(MIME::Entity) msg'.


  1. self(+): ref(Message)
  2. topic(+): string splitted by ',' - list of topic

OUT: '1'


Returns the topic(s) of the message

IN: self(+): ref(Message)

OUT: if no message topic | string splitted by ',' if message topic N.B.: * (+): required parameter, value must not be empty *: or'' for parameters value

  • $: reference to code parameters or variables
  • condition for parameter
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