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This module provides objects to create, load, store and remove sessions


Creates an object Session.


  • robot : sessions are related to a specific robot
  • cookie : the sympa_session cookie value which is a random value without any semantic

If cookie is undef or not in session_table, new() will create a new session by allocation of a random. If cookie is defined and found in the sympa_session table new check if the session is valid (mainly : the http client host (remote_addr) must be the same as the host that initialyse the session). FIXME : may be usefull to ignore old sessions. If the session is valid it is loaded : load() .


  • load() read session attributes from session_table using cookie value as the primary key. All attributes are returned in a hash. Load() use tools::string_2_hash in order to convert the varchar data_session column in a set of vars <var>=“<value>”;<var>=“<value>”;


  • store() store session attributes from curernt objet into session_table. Store update the date_session attributes which is used by &SympaSession::purge_session() to remove old sessions.

store() convert a set of vars into a data_session string which can be stored in the database using tools::hash_2_string


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