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This module provides various tools for Sympa.


Checks for no command in the body of the message. If there are some command in it, it returns true and sends a message to $sender by calling List::send_global_file() (see list-send-global-file, page [*]) with mail template message_report.


  1. msg(+): ref(MIME::Entity) - the message to check
  2. sender(+): the message sender
  3. robot(+): robot


  • 1 if there are some command in the message
  • 0 else


Return an array made from a string splitted by ','. It removes spaces.

IN: string(+): string to split

OUT: ref(ARRAY) -


Makes set operation on arrays seen as set (with no double):


  1. A(+): ref(ARRAY) - set
  2. B(+): ref(ARRAY) - set

OUT: ref(HASH) with keys:

  • deleted: A B
  • added: B A
  • intersection: A B
  • union: A B


Cleans a msg_id to use it without '
n', '
s', < and >.

IN: msg_id(+): the message id

OUT: the clean msg_id


Lower-case it and remove leading and trailing spaces.

IN: msg_id(+): the email

OUT: the clean email


Make an array of include path for tt2 parsing


  1. robot(+): SCALAR - the robotset
  2. dir: SCALAR - directory ending each path
  3. lang: SCALAR - for lang directories
  4. list: ref(List) - for list directory

OUT: ref(ARRAY) - include tt2 path, respecting path priorities.

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