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Archive related

Sympa show archive both by email and web interface. In versions prior to 5.2, archives were duplicated. Mail archives were stored in the /home/sympa/list_data/mylist/archives/ directory.

Web archives are accessed through the web interface (with access control), they are stored in a directory defined in “sympa.conf” (parameter arc_path. Version 5.2 and later use only this archive repository.


Added by version 6.2.

(Default value: process_archive parameter in sympa.conf or robot.conf)

If on is set, Sympa will copy all messages distributed via the list to the queueoutgoing spool, i.e. distributed messages via lists will be archived. Otherwise archiving is disabled.

Note that even if this parameter is set to off, past archives will not be removed and will be accessible according to access settings (see below).


If the “config” file contains an “archive” paragraph, Sympa will manage an archive for this list.


  period week
  mail_access private
  web_access private
  quota 10000


Note: This parameter is under development.

period day | week | month | quarter | year

This parameter specifies how archiving is organized: by day, week, month, quarter or year. Generation of automatic list archives requires the creation of an archive directory at the root of the list directory (/home/sympa/list_data/mylist/archives/), used to store these documents.


On Sympa earlier than 6.2, this parametr was named as archive.access.

mail_access private | public | owner | closed

If the mail_access parameter is specified, archives are accessible to users through the GET command, and the index of the list archives is provided in reply to the INDEX command (the last message of a list can be consulted using the LAST command).

This parameter specifies who is authorized to use the GET, LAST and INDEX commands.


On Sympa earlier than 6.2, this parametr was named as web_archive.access.

The parameter is defined by a access_web_archive authorization scenario (see Authorization scenarios).

Predefined authorization scenarios are:

  • web_access closed (view);
  • web_access intranet (view);
  • web_access listmaster (view);
  • web_access owner (view);
  • web_access private (view);
  • web_access public (view).


On Sympa earlier than 6.2, this parametr was named as web_archive.quota.

quota number-of-Kbytes

This parameter specifies the disk quota for the list's web archive, in kilobytes. This parameter's default is the default_archive_quota sympa.conf parameter. If quota is exceeded, messages are no more archived and list owners are notified. When the archive reaches 95%, list owners are warnt.


On Sympa earlier than 6.2, this parametr was named as web_archive.max_month.

“max_month” parameter specify the maximum number of archives packet created. Old month are removed when new month is created.

web_archive (OBSOLETE)

As of version 6.2, this paragraph is obsoletd. Each parameter was renamed as following.

  • access: archive.web_access
  • quota: archive.quota
  • max_month: archive.max_month


(Default value: cleartext)

archive_crypted_msg cleartext | decrypted

This parameter defines Sympa's behavior when archiving S/MIME encrypted messages. If set to cleartext, the original encrypted form of the message will be archived; if set to decrypted, a decrypted message will be archived. Note that this applies to both mail and web archives, and also to digests.

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