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Security advisories

This page references the security advisories regarding Sympa.

1. Threat

Possibility to bypass the authorization mechanisms in the archive management page.

2. Systems Affected

All Sympa branches are affected.

- In branch 6.0, all versions prior to 6.0.7 - In branch 6.1, all versions prior to 6.1.11

3. Summary

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Sympa archive management that allow to skip the scenario-based authorization mechanisms.

This breach allows to: - display the archives management page ('arc_manage'); - download the list's archives; - delete the list's archives.

4. Solution

  • branch 6.1 : upgrade to version 6.1.11
  • branch 6.0 : upgrade to version 6.0.7

Users that can't upgrade to the latest versions have the following workaround solution: preventing, through web server configuration, to access the archive management,

Older versions are no longer maintained. Users of this version should upgrade to 6.1.11 or 6.0.7 to prevent potential attacks.

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