Sympa subversion repositories

Sympa project sources is managed with Subversion versionning system. The hosting service is sourcesup, a project hosting service managed by RENATER for the benefit of the French academic community, to promote cooperative developments.

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You can download Sympa's development version at any time using a Subversion client. Note that such downloaded versions of Sympa might be uncomplete or untested versions ; tagged versions are not guaranteed until they get advertised. It's a good idea to ask Sympa authors first.

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This version is based on the latest stable release ; no new feature is added, only bug fixes. This version should therefore become more and more stable with time.

Here is a sample session for getting latest development version of Sympa :

svn export sympa-latest

However it's probably not idea to install an untagged version of Sympa, because it might include uncomplete code or untested new features.

Note that you'll need to run the following commands before to build the configure and Makefiles : aclocal ; autoconf ; automake –add-missing

You can subscribe to the sympa-commits mailing-list.

Another option is to subscribe to the RSS feed of the commits :

You can view the SVN activity as a video 8-)
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