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Technical support

Sympa authors can't answer to any assistance request. Please check available ressources :

  1. mailing lists : Of course, there are also a few lists about Sympa]]. Please do not report any trouble in lists without having first a look in lists archives. If you contact some mailing list please check first Sympa and other usefull logs such as Apache, LDAP, MySQL or sendmail.

Some companies can provide commercial support about Sympa, you can contact (alphabetical order) [[“>Alcove</A> (France). [[”>Anteria</A> (France) [[“>IDEALX</A> (France) [[”>Josep Romn</A> (Suisse) [[“>Linuxia</a> (Germany) <li> <A HREF=“”>luchs</A> (Austria) <li> <A HREF=“”>Mandriva</a> <li> <A HREF=“”>Network Technology Corporation</A> (United States) <li> <A href=“”>pantek</a> (United States) <li> <A HREF=“”>Edge-it</A> <LI> <A HREF=“”>Thalix</A> (France) <LI> <A HREF=“”>TNG Technology Consulting GmbH</a> (Germany) </UL> </P>

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